Maximum take-off weight up to
13,000 kg
Number oftransported troopers up to
36 persons
Number ofwounded personnel transported onstretchers
12 persons
Payload incargo cabin
4,000 kg
Payload onexternal sling
4,000 kg

Dimensions of cargo cabin:

Length x breadth x height
5.34×2.34×1.8 m
effective area
12.5 m2
effective space
23 m3

Operational ceiling
6,000 m

Flight range at maximum take-off weight (with emergency fuel reserve for 30 minutes):

with main fuel tanks
580 km

with two auxiliary fuel tanks
1,065 km.
Maximum flight speed
250 km/h .

Engines contingency power:

2,100 h. p.
VK-2500 (option)
2,700 h. p.

Primary weapons:

Missiles (Shturm-V suite)

Rockets S-8

Gun armament of cal. 23 mm

Small weapons (up to 8 fire posts):
nose machine gun PKT
aft machine gun PKT
sub-machine guns AKM, side machine guns PKand RPK


Transportation and operational landing of up to 36 troopers

Transportation of up to 12 wounded on stretchers under medical attendance

Transportation of cargo up to 4,000 kg in cargo cabin

Transportation of cargo up to 4,000 kg on external sling

High-efficiency killing of enemy personnel, armored vehicles, surface targets, facilities, fortified fire posts and other moving and fixed targets

Fire support of landing troops

Escorting of military convoys

CSAR (combat search and rescue)



Civil operations (search-and-rescue operations, fire fighting, etc.)

Self-defense suite:

Engine-exhaust IR suppressors

Flares dispenser


Armored plates for cockpit protection

Armored plates for protection of vital helicopter systems
Armored plates for protection of aft machine gun operator
Self-sealed fuel tanks
Fuel tanks filled with foam polyurethane
Explosion protection of fuel tanks

Additional special equipment:

Extended starboard sliding door (in addition to standard portside door)


Rappelling equipment, at hovering, up to 4 persons at once

Parachute equipment

Stretchers (up to 12 pcs)

Night vision goggles

Searchlight (including with IR filter)

FLIR system

4,000 kg external sling, 150 kg and 280 kg external hoists, 300 kg door hoist

Loudspeaker station

Emergency ditching system

Oxygen equipment

Auxiliary fuel tanks


Avionics of leading Western and Russian manufacturers

Optional equipment of transport helicopter Mi-171