General Information

Mi-26T, the world’s best line production helicopter in terms of load capacity, is unrivaled in cost-performance parameters. This type helicopters are intensively used for all sorts of operations: transportation, evacuation, fire fighting etc. Mi-26T is capable of carrying up to 20 tons of cargo inside fuselage or on the external sling.


Mi-26TS - a Mi-26T version, used  in People's Republic of China.

Mi-26T2 -  an upgraded version of the helicopter, Mi-26T2 is fitted with a new BREO-26 avionics suite and glass cockpit with five multifunctional LCD displays, new digital autopilot, and NAVSTAR/GLONASS supported navigation system. The Mi-26T2’s array of on-board equipment ensures the helicopter can operate in any part of the world, and ensures it can perform flights to international standards. The latest avionics suite fitted also makes it possible to reduce the number of crew needed from 5 to 2 people, plus an operator should the external sling be in use.