General Information

The Ka-32A11BC multirole helicopter is a recognised leader in its class. The helicopter is designed for special search and rescue operations, building tall structures, transporting cargo internally and on an external sling, logging, medevac and complex fire-fighting missions, as well as on patrol and to support during law enforcement operations.
Main features of the Ka-32A11BC:
  • Coaxial design and the absence of a tail rotor mean that it is compact, high power, highly manoeuvrable and very easy to handle.
  • High load capacity – it can carry up to 5 tonnes on its external sling.
  • It is equipped with the latest avionics systems.
  • It is very economical – with low operating costs, and an extended service life of 32,000 flight hours.
The Ka-32A11BC can operate efficiently in dense urban areas, difficult to access mountainous and forested regions, and can also land on small vessels, drilling platforms, and on un-prepared, hard to access sites. Operated by a single pilot, the cabin can be fitted with additional task-specific equipment.
The Ka-32A11BC meets FAR-29, AP-29 requirements, and is EASA certified. It is operated successfully in Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Spain and Switzerland.
  • The firefighting Ka-32A11BC helicopter boasts over 40 different options for firefighting equipment – including the Bambi-Bucket and Simplex systems, and water cannon for horizontal firefighting. It can fight fires in heavy smoke, on the upper floors of high-rise buildings, and on oil and gas industry facilities. The Ka-32A11BC is recognised by experts as one of the finest firefighting helicopters in the world, and is a symbol of the Global Helicopter Firefighting Initiative, a programme aimed at increasing the efficiency of specialised firefighting helicopters kitted out with suspended fire-fighting systems, water cannons and other fire-fighting equipment.
  • The Ka-32A11BC is indispensable in complex construction works, due to the absence of a tail rotor, its precision hover ability, great manoeuvrability and carrying capacity.
  • The search and rescue Ka-32A11BC inherited the best features from the naval ship-based Ka-27PS, which formed the basis for its design. It can operate in very damp conditions and displays great resilience to the aggressive marine environment. The Ka-32A11BC’s particular design enables it to fly in high turbulence and stormy conditions, making it ideally suited to carrying out search and rescue operations in critical situations.
  • The Ka-32A11BC can be equipped with a medical module comprising the latest intensive care equipment. Thanks to this, resuscitation and life support can be performed in-flight, when it is being used to transport the sick and injured.
  • In supporting the police and special forces, the Ka-32A11BC can be fitted with modern surveillance equipment, tracking and loudhailer communications, and can be used to transport a landing force. Its high-precision hover capacity and manoeuvrability make it more effective in urban situations.